IMG_8929Hi y’all. Welcome to my newest blog adventure. You might remember me from my entry into the blog world at: http://www.graciegray.wordpress.com. That was where I quickly caught the blogging bug and had loads of fun sharing my passion for everything and anything beauty related. Sadly, that came to a sudden halt after a health set back. For three years, I was unrecognizable from the Megantastic girl I had been before. Bed ridden, massively fatigued with indescribable pain, I lived under a rock and lost myself. I feared discussing my experiences as I did not wish it to be used against me.  Fast forward three years:  I’m back,  albeit a new and improved version of myself.  While I don’t wish what happened to me on my worst enemy, I do believe it happened for a reason and I am proud of the woman I have become because of my struggles.   I am launching this blog as both a creative outlet and as a space to share with the world.  Welcome to the 2nd generation of Megan.