Be nice or leave


Never in my life have I been more disgusted with humanity.

I woke up Monday morning like the rest of the world to the news about the Las Vegas massacre. It reminded me of how I felt waking up on 9/11. I find myself in tears while listening to the stories of the innocent victims; husbands holding their wives in their arms as they take their last breath, new born babies without their mothers, families broken up and lives forever changed because of hate. What happened in Vegas is deplorable.  I have no words and am in disbelief that this is the world we are living in today.

What ever happened to “love thy neighbor” or the “golden rule”? What ever happened to saying good morning as you pass someone on the street? What ever happened to saying thank you, what can I do to help, or I’m proud of you? In today’s world if you’re nice to someone they either think you’re flirting, weird, or something is wrong with you. What’s happened to integrity? What’s happened to loyalty and doing what’s right? What’s happened to loving each other and owning up to our mistakes? People would rather lie than be accountable. People would rather ghost someone (e.g. ignore an email and/or text) instead of being an adult and resolving an issue head on.  This has become the acceptable norm, but it is entirely unacceptable to me. Every day for the last year I have legitimately asked myself WTF is wrong with people? Monday morning was no different.

Stop selling out for your own personal gain. Stop choosing opportunity over loyalty. Stop hating on others to fill an empty void within yourself. Reach out to people. Ask how someone is doing. Ask that homeless person what they’re looking for in the dumpster. I recently did that and was surprised to learn he wasn’t looking for food or clothes. He was looking for electronics, DVDS, or things he could watch. He was kind enough to ask me if I needed help lifting the dumpster, as my hands were full and I had my dog.  That’s all it was, kindness from one human being to another. We are all in this together and no one person is better than the next. I’m a firm believer that you treat the janitor with the same respect that you treat the CEO. Life has many ups and downs and you never know when you’ll be at the bottom of the barrel. Be grateful for the ones that help you rise to the top, give credit where credit is due & pay it forward. In other words, stay humble, or life will do it for you. Trust me, it will. We live in this crazy world of social media, which (let’s be real) is all about self promotion & feeding narcissism. Humility is a thing of the past. 

I would rather sit and talk to that homeless person and have a real & honest conversation, as opposed to sitting down and talking about someone’s status, followers, or how much money they’re making. That doesn’t impress me. You know what impresses me? Kindness, loyalty, giving back impresses me. Gratitude and humility impress me and sadly those are all traits that very few possess these days. 

For those that have followers/status, please use your platform to do something good for the world. Don’t just give a portion of sales to a charity. That’s using something, like a tragedy, as a marketing ploy to sell more of your products and quite frankly, despicable. With all the natural disasters we’ve recently had I’ve seen more than I’d like of that on social media. Again, WTF is wrong with people? 

If you want to see change in the world, you have to be the change. Be that person.

Be nice or leave.


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